Cast: Jean Louisa Kelly, Kirsten Prout, Paula Trickey, Jake Thomas, Cynthia Preston,
Mark Weiler and Marielle Jaffe
Director of Photography: Robert Ballo
Associate Producers: Christine Conradt, Douglas Howell
Line Producer: David Eric Japka
Executive Producers: Kevin Goetz, J. Vincent Reppert
Story by: Ken Sanders
Written by: Christine Conradt
Produced by: Johnson Chan, Ken Sanders, Robert Ballo
Director: Doug Campbell

After arguing over her teenage daughter’s pregnancy, a mother does not believe that her daughter suddenly ran away and begins investigating a mysterious pregnancy clinic counselor. Little does she know the counselor has a history of taking “lost” pregnant girls under her wing, and finds herself in a life and death struggle with an obsessive, homicidal maniac who will do anything to keep her daughter and the unborn baby.

Maternal Obsession_1

Maternal Obsession_3